Democratizing the interoperability of data

To fullfil our vision we have to become the N0 1 network in the world for safe communication and data exchange solutions.We are building the independent, secure and open communication layer for data communication.

  • Safe – with our solution, we guarantee the highest possible encryption and the ownership of data

  • Independent – To stay fully independent from investors, participants and benefiters, we have chosen the foundation structure.

  • Transparency – Our foundation and operational entites are fully transparent regarding ownership and members of the organisation.

To further drive the democratization in interoperability INF as Foundation is initiating and investing in solutions that will help to solve the inherent problems in international interoperability

Meet Our Founder-Team

Our founder team is internationally known for their professions on a worldclass level.

Andreas Schroeteler
Andreas SchroetelerFinance and Operations
Andreas has more than 25 years of experience in founding, developing and managing companies from scratch up to 1 b € companies. He has an excellent international track record as MD, Finance and Operations expert.
Ingo-Stefan Schilling
Ingo-Stefan SchillingIT and Development
Ingo is a worldknown expert of highly sophisticated software products. He has worked on the first version of AWS fo Amazon, Azure at Microsoft and several well known cloud services. creative and
Mathias Dodt
Mathias DodtBusiness Development
With more than 25 years of experience in introducing and managing international Business Development projects Mathias has worked across industries. His experience is in FMCG, Logistics, IT, Retail, Medical, Aerospace and Automotive.
Oliver Weiss
Oliver WeissManaging Director APAC
With 20 years experience in setting up international businesses in Europe and Asiapacific, Oliver is expert in digital industries. Senior Management functions lead to a track record in successfully setting up international businesses with his wide expertise in development, product management, sales/business development and general management.


How can everyone in food traceability take part on equal terms in interoperable systems ?

Ressourcen Management

Small information added to product characteristics will be essential to allow transparency about product quality.


Supplychain information is more than logistic data. How to enable unfractured information flow with enriched data along the supply chain?

Risk Management

Making interoperability an essential business case in its own. Risk Management relevant data enables business benefits beyond any investment costs.

Supporting Sustainability (UN SDG)

INF will contribute to 9 out of 16 UN SDG`S


    INF will democratize the access to the world market even for small farmers. Famers will get fair prices for their quality food goods. This engagement will improve local economy and living standards.


    INF will improve the authenticity of pharmaceuticals by preventing product fraud and contribute to the well-being of people.


    The core business case of INF is setting up the infra-structure for tracking products across networks.


    INF will help monitoring the share of recycling and support the responsible production of goods by making supply chains visible and connecting data.


    INF will help preventing de-forestation of rain-woods by making the origin of products visible and over time sustainable production will become a differentiator for the end consumer.


    INF will help managing catch quota and prevent over-fishing. Volumes, sources and origin of fish will become visible, bycatch will be reduced.


    INF will enable the traceability of livestock, the origin and treatment and the resources used for production.


    INF will support the effectivity of reporting for institutions and enable data access.


    INF itself is a partnership and network engine. INF will ease data exchange and provide a network for interoperability of different systems.

How to democratize ?

Solving the inherent problems in international systems of data exchange.

  • INF supported and initiated solutions will be designed in a way that allows the parties with the least access to technical resources to participate as equal within the network.
  • INF supported solutions will be targeted on making any global interoperable scheme an economical feasible business case in its own.
  • INF supported solutions will always facilitate for all participating parties to build their own business case within the supported interoperability network
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